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Two approaches to getting data into the database are used with the Geochron database. The preferred method is to use data reduction programs to directly interact with the database. Such programs typically contain all of the needed data that is important to understanding the sample dates and derived age interpretations. These programs provide a simple user interface for uploading data that interacts with the database using a set of web services. These interfaces also provide utilities for obtaining or verifying the unique sample identifier IGSN. Data are stored in XML format, and these files can be downloaded and ingested directly back into the reduction program. The other method is to use spreadsheets or text files that can be read into the database. These do not typically contain all of the important data or metadata, but allow for upload by users not wanting to use the data reduction programs provided here or for methods where no general data reduction program is available.

Data reporting and the approach employed above were the subject of numerous EarthChem and EARTHTIME sponsored workshops. Those workshop reports can be found at:


(U-Th)/He Manual Upload

(U-Th)/He Manual Upload Using Geochron Spreadsheets



AgeCalcML Manual Upload Using .XLS Template


ET_Redux is the flagship cyber infrastructure product of CIRDLES, the Cyber Infrastructure Research and Development Lab for the Earth Sciences, an undergraduate research lab at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. ET_Redux was previously known as U-Pb_Redux, but in January of 2015, was renamed to reflect its expanding functionality and its sponsor, EARTHTIME (

ET_Redux Manual Upload Using XML File

SQUID/SQUID2 Ion Microprobe Manual Upload

SQUID/SQUID2 Ion Microprobe Manual Upload Using SQUID Spreadsheets

ZIPS Ion Microprobe Manual Upload

ZIPS Ion Microprobe Manual Upload Using ZIPS .zip files



The program ArArCALC provides an interactive interface to data reduction in 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. ArArCALC is coded within Visual Basic for Excel 2000-XP-2003 using datasheets, charts, menus and dialogboxes. All 40Ar/39Ar age calculations are reported in single Excel workbooks and thus can be easily shared between different ArArCALC users...

Mass Spec

Mass Spec is an integrated data collection / data reduction program for acquiring data from Noble gas extraction systems. For the purposes of 40Ar/39Ar dating, the program has specialized analytical tools for displaying data in the form of age-probability density diagrams, incremental heating spectra, and isochrons. Most data-reduction use of Mass Spec is for data collected by the program directly during mass spectrometry, but data import facilities are available.

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Ar/Ar Manual Upload

Ar/Ar Manual Upload Using Geochron Spreadsheets

Fission Track

Fission Track Manual Upload

Fission Track Manual Upload Using Geochron Spreadsheets

TCN under development.

U-Series under development.

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